Smart Aerial

Smart Aerial provides locksmiths with the ability to write pre-coding data onto various transponders found within Fiat* and Volkswagen Group* vehicle keys and then write the pre-code data onto a blank transponder. Smart Aerial must be used with Smart Dongle.


  • Smart transponder pre-coding: Smart Aerial is designed to simplify, streamline and reduce the overall time spent programming keys for your customers, enabling you to work smarter by minimizing the use of additional pre-coding tools.
  • Pre-coding data reading and writing: When connected to Smart Dongle and used with a programming device, Smart Aerial becomes a powerful asset for the locksmith. Pre-coding data are read seamlessly in the background and then written automatically onto the blank transponder.
  • Automatic procedure for preventing mistakes: The entire pre-coding procedure runs automatically to avoid mistakes linked to the manual input of data. You will just have to connect Smart Aerial to Smart Dongle and place the key in the dedicated slot.
  • Lightweight and portable: Smart Aerial has been designed with practicality in mind. It is easily transportable and will save space in your tool kit.
  • Fiat* and Volkswagen Group* transponders pre-coding: Smart Aerial can write pre-coding data onto ID48 and ID46 transponders found within various keys for Fiat* and Volkswagen Group* (Audi*, Seat*, Škoda* and Volkswagen*) models - providing you have the key programming and pincode reading software loaded onto your programming device.

Technical data

Key slot antenna frequency: 125 kHz
Connection: via Smart Dongle port
Dimensions: Length: 185 mm, Width: 44 mm, Depth: 27mm
Weight: 124g


  • Pre-codes ID48 (T33), ID46 (T14), Fiat* and Volkswagen Group* (Audi*, Seat*, Škoda* and Volkswagen*) transponders
  • Connectivity only via Smart Dongle
  • Requires programming device and applicable software
  • Plug and play - easy to use
  • Automatically configures with Smart Dongle and programming devices
  • Pre-coding of remotes for Fiat* vehicles will be available soon

(*) This is a trademark of a third party not affiliated nor linked with Silca S.p.A. or the dormakaba Group. Silca S.p.A. and dormakaba Group do not own any intellectual property right nor have been granted any license with regard to such trademark, which is hereby used only to indicate the intended purpose of Silca’s products.

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