Smart Aerial+

Smart Aerial+ works hand in hand with the MYKEYS Pro app to guide the user through the entire cloning process, providing all the necessary information needed to deliver a perfect duplicate key.

Smart Pro

Top Features


Cloning process up to 3X faster*

Future Proof

Updateable, no memory capacity limits

Guided Procedures

Step by step using the MYKEYS Pro app


Superior data processing power using AD proprietary servers


Integrated, rechargeable battery

Easier Cloning

with Snoop functions included

Smart Aerial+ Functionalities

Up to 3X Faster*

Cloning calculations are made using Advanced Diagnostics proprietary servers to guarantee reliability, ensuring that the latest routines are always available and time-consuming software updates are avoided.

Works with the MYKEYS Pro app

Works with GTI PRO and UTX-S(1), the new Silca multi-transponders with a wide technology coverage to
reduce inventory

Easy to use

* For the ID46 cloning procedure compared to the Silca RW4 Plus
(1) Service fee needed

Brochure PDF

Smart Aerial+ Technical Data

‍Power supply: 5 VDC mains connection via USB port. 3.7 VDC integrated battery

Connection: Wi-Fi - Bluetooth

Dimensions: Lenght: 210mm, Width: 48mm, Depth: 30mm

Weight (unpacked): 120g

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