ADC2019 Fiat* Gateway Bypass Cable

The FCA* Gateway Bypass cable works together with the Smart Pro and Advanced Diagnostics Fiat* /Chrysler* (FCA) software to program bladed and proximity keys for models fitted with a Secure Gateway Module (SGM).

The cable allows locksmiths to programme safely new proximity and bladed keys for various Fiat*, Alfa Romeo* and Jeep* models from 2018 onwards. The cable consists of of two male connectors (8 and 12 pin) and connects the Smart Pro directly to the vehicle’s Secure Gateway Module (SGM) wiring harness allowing the SGM to be bypassed.

No further intervention on the vehicle is necessary.

(*) This is a trademark of a third party not affiliated nor linked with Silca S.p.A. or the dormakaba Group. Silca S.p.A. and dormakaba Group do not own any intellectual property right nor have been granted any license with regard to such trademark, which is hereby used only to indicate the intended purpose of Silca’s products.

ADC2019 Fiat* Bypass Cable - Brochure
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