Car Key Programming

Smart Pro

Smart Pro is the cutting-edge, easy-to-use device for easily programming transponder keys, proximity keys and remotes and for reading the PIN codes for numerous manufacturers.

T-Code Pro Car Key Programmer

(Euro & USA Version) The powerful T-Code Pro key programming tool programs keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide.

AD100 Pro Car Key Programmer

The worlds best Portable key & remote programming tool for all car makes and models worldwide.

MVP Pro Car Key Programmer

Innovative PAY AS YOU GO car key programmer specifically designed for automotive locksmiths and garages providing key & remote programming services to drivers on the roadside, at home or the office.

SMART Dongle

The Smart Dongle streamlines the key programming process by saving time - automatically configuring the programming device to the vehicle's correct make and model. Smart Dongle is designed to be used with AD Pro Testers and is for Locksmiths an

AD30 Transponder Coil Detector

The AD30 Transponder Coil Detector from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types immobiliser systems using transponder technology.

AD35 Remote Control Tester

AD35 is an innovative remote control tester developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types of (IR) Infra Red & (RF) Radio Frequency remote controls for all makes & models.

SMART Aerial

Smart Aerial from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to be used with Smart Dongle providing locksmiths with the ability to write pre-coding data onto various transponders found within vehicle keys.

Truck Key Programming

AD100 Pro Truck Programmer

Innovative key programming tool for commercial vehicles worldwide, covering all major manufacturers. Ideal for Automotive locksmiths & garages serving the commercial van, truck & heavy goods sector.