Neoprene Case

  • Neoprene Tester Case With Shoulder Strap

Dongle Case

  • Dongle Case

Smartcard - Calculator

  • Smartcard & Calculator 

ADC116 - OBD Tester

  • The portable ADC116 OBD Diagnostic Port Tester is an easy and quick way to check that the OBD port has 12 volts and good ground connections. ADC116 can be used for all makes & models of vehicle worldwide. It also checks the PIN 7

ADC190 - PIN CODE Dongle

  • PIN CODE Dongle used for Hyundai / Kia vehicles 2007 onwards - (Pro only testers)

Replacement Calculator

  • Replacement security calculator for use with Pro testers.

Replacement Smartcard

  • Replacement security smartcard for calculator. 

Key Programming Systems Manual

  • Comprehensive operating manual containing all key programming procedures for all current manufacturer vehicles. Supplied free when a key programming tool is purchased. Can be purchased separately.

ADC199 - Pin Saver

  • The Pin Saver adaptor (ADC199) for all Pro and Classic testers. Over time as the master OBD cable (ADC250) is plugged and unplugged constantly, this can cause wear and tear to the pins within the 25-way connector on the tester. To prevent damage to this connector and ultimately a repair bill for the Pro unit, the ADC199 Pin Saver solves t