CodeX Lite

Universal EEPROM Kit For Locksmiths & Auto Electricians


CodeX Lite is a user friendly EEprom and microprocessor decrypting kit designed to meet the needs of locksmiths, garages and auto electricians worldwide. The CodeX Lite kit is supplied with a range of boards and adapters to enable the reading of all types of automotive eeproms and microprocessors.


CodeX Lite is ideal for when all vehicle keys have been lost. It will read the information from the EEprom chip found in the vehicle’s ECU. It then creates a dump file that can be transferred to a transponder clone kit. The Cloning tool's EEPROM software then uses this file and will read the security pincode and prepare a transponder - all that’s required then is to cut a key to start the vehicle.

Locksmiths can also use this EEPROM software to edit EEPROM files as necessary. The kit comes with many adapters that will enable EEPROMS to be read in-circuit, therefore reducing the need to desolder from the boards. CodeX Lite connects to your PC via USB  with the software provided, which can also be installed onto multiple computers. The kit also contains schematic drawings showing how to read many of these devices in-circuit rather than having to remove the device from the circuit board.

Note: This product should be used in conjunction with a transponder cloning device. Locksmiths can also use this EEPROM software to edit EEPROM files as necessary.


Tools For Auto Garages


There is a distinct benefit for auto garages using CodeX Lite. The kit allows the technician to recode various used ECU's, instead of having to purchase an expensive new unit for the customer, when the existing ECU is at fault. Sometimes, when you have fitted a new ECU and switched on the ignition, it is locked to that particular vehicle, and if it does not cure the problem, the new ECU is scrap.



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