AD30 Transponder Coil Detector 


The Ultimate Detector

The AD30 Transponder Coil Detector from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types of immobiliser systems using transponder technology. AD30 works on most makes and models of vehicles worldwide.


Using the AD30 is easy. Simply place the AD30 near the ignition barrel, with the key inserted and ignition turned on/off (vehicle dependant) and the AD30 will provide an audible and visual indication of power present. Additionally on certain vehicles, a further indication of a transponder signal being sent by the ignition key and received by the antenna, can also be provided.

Diagnosing problems with immobiliser systems can be complex - and there is always the question of “is the immobiliser antenna transmitting a correct signal to power the key transponder”. By using AD30, this question can be quickly answered and will save you valuable time when diagnosing.

If you already have AD key programming equipment, AD30 is an essential addition for your tool kit and it will earn its keep within a few jobs.



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